“What’s the Tea?” is where we spill the tea on the latest celebrity gossip, A-List lifestyles and music and entertainment news. Fill your cup with exclusive behind-the-scenes, live red carpet coverage, stories and interviews, celebrity lifestyles and their luxe fashion, favorite foods and fitness habits.

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Celebrity Scoop

Celebrity Scoop shines a spotlight on the world’s most famous celebrities. From in-depth interviews about their lives to visiting the most luxurious spots they like to vacation. We join them on the most popular and prominent red-carpet events and get to know their trending news online.

A-List Lifestyle

Ever wondered what the life of a superstar really looks like? A-List Lifestyle is all about the world of the rich and famous. How do they spend their time? Are their lives really that different from ours? You bet they are! We visit their favorite hangouts, restaurants, beauty salons and more to show you around, and their personal assistants will tell you how to live like a celebrity!

Famous FoodT’s

A taste of how and what your favorite celebrities like to eat!

Famous FoodT's is an evergreen series (25 minutes) covering celebrities and what they eat, from healthy lifestyles to haute cuisine, to home cooking. Famous FoodT's tells you about diet trends, the hottest health crazes, and even what the stars crave when they indulge in their guilty pleasures. But we’ll also talk to personal trainers and nutritionists. Famous FoodT's takes you behind the scenes of culinary hotspots, examines the history of different national cuisines, and brings you exclusive interviews with acclaimed chefs. We’ll learn about the hidden gems actors have found while out on the road and find the best food accounts on social media.


'Fashion Forward' is a weekly series that gives you an inside scoop on the hottest trends in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Keep up with the latest news, get to know what the most influential people in fashion are up to on social media and discover what to wear on important occasions. ‘Fashion Forward’ also features exclusive interviews with the biggest people in the fashion industry.

Hollywood Buzz

Hollywood Buzz is a weekly 25 minute long HD television show with the latest news, a dash of Celebrity Gossip, Hollywood premieres and various specials, reports from the most glamorous film festivals in the world and everything you've always wanted to know about your favorite celebs. Whether it's Ryan Gosling, Justin Bieber, Charlize Theron or Zoe Saldana, Hollywood Buzz shows you what they wear on the red carpet and what their best kept secrets are. Shake all these items well, and you've got the perfect cocktail.

Star Tunez

Star Tunez turns the volume up on the lives behind the music. From exclusive live performances, and behind the scenes of music videos and festivals, to in depth looks into the lives and careers of your favourite artists. Not to mention the latest music news from around the world and a look at the very latest album releases.